Wealth Literacy

Wealth Literacy

Wealth Literacy is the fundamental foundation to create Generational Wealth (GW). Without it, efforts to GW will be futile. Goal unachieved. Allow Marcia to teach her seasoned wealth building skills from her experience as a

1) Lender

2) Underwriter

3) Signatory

4) Agent

5) Principle

6) Executor & Performer

Institutional Wealth begins at $50M

1) Where is the Real money?

2) How do I get Access?

If you cannot answer these questions, Wealth Literacy is for you.

If you are truly set on changing your financial position, heritage, legacy in the financial realm, then first the invitation is extended to learn, understand, evaluate, plan, prepare, then execute.

A series of wealth literary works and intellectual property

are in progress and will be out SOON for purchase