Ros DiMere offers ten services for select clientele.  We custom and tailor our renderings for qualified clients based on their targeted objective(s).

Hard Asset Acquisition

Hard Asset Acquisition is handled case by case

Asset Consignment

Consignment is to assign the selection into our hands..

Asset Liquidation / Monetization

Assets of Value can be monetized pending an open market availability

Asset Placement & Management

Tired of rocks in a box, inherited heirlooms stored


Life, Accident and Health Insurance is pivotal. Customize and tailor a policy to your specific needs. Most people view

Quality Resourcing

Our core vendors, suppliers, and affiliates hale..

Special Item Insurance & Wraps

Specialty Insurance & Wraps are special…

Trust Structure & Formation

Passthrough, Business, Beneficiary and..

Wealth Literacy

Wealth Literacy is the fundamental foundation..

Full Doc Prep & Underwriting

Full Financial projections with structured doc preparation for a sound impressive plan ready to submit.


Who Works With Us

Fortune 500 Companies

Government Agencies – SBA

Insurance Companies

Small to mid-size companies (based on revenue size with specialized interest)

Top tier world banks of our Account Holders

Entrepreneurs, Independent Consultants & Small Biz Owners


Hours of Operation


Hours of Operation