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March 27, 2023 | Marcia Meredith | 2 Minute Read

New Site Launch

A milestone in the making, the launch of Ros DiMere new site.  Welcome!

I am so excited to announce our new homesite today. I hope it is as welcoming and informative as we aimed to achieve. After finding the perfect marriage, Design Cater built exactly what I wanted – custom couture for web design; a web page that embodies and characterize Ms. Marcia doing business as Ros DiMere Inc.

This foundation has taken nearly ten months to complete,

a colorful canvas we can continue to expound and expand sharing the latest in wealth building excerpts and trending, what we are up to, doing, going, and planning, and how we are helping other businesses and entrepreneurs sustain and grow, showcase projects of the month we have selected for future growth and expansion with partnered communities around the globe.

I hope our boardroom banner is recognizable for most, it was a necessary addition. The boardroom viewed on “Why Us” has been a home away from home for nearly a decade. Our North Texas clients have had the pleasure to meet, greet, and discuss their latest in one of the most secluded, private, and quiet spaces to rival any bustling high traffic city skyline space. The city skyline space, we have that too, all our spaces reign in their own category. However, this space aesthetically complements our structure, simplicity, and serenity when in the Dallas Metro area. Our clients love it, where relationships have been built to last.

To our loyal and faithful clients, thank you for your years of commitment and trust. To our new clients that have joined our family within these last six months, again Welcome. I hope you have found that everything I have represented and executed including my affiliates and partners has been 100% including challenges we overcome.

Challenges, the same as this project. Two years prior Ros DiMere began this endeavor with a different company. Unfortunately, Covid took precedence while in progress causing many losses on their team. Pressing forward a year later, a new company emerged- from scratch, starting over several times, nearly walking away, the edits and modifications went on for weeks per section, yet the end results came together seamlessly.

I desired a site that was original, tailored, custom, branding, informative, historical, fun, user friendly, attractive, trendy, our own little creation making DIY templates certainly out of the question. Seemingly this benchmark appeared more complicated, yet it wasn’t. As a part of the build process, Design listened, and executed and after it was completed if I did not like it, we started over. For my non-brilliance I was really sorry, sometimes; remorseful going back to the table, “ummm… I know I had you to do that, but ugh, I don’t like that, so let’s put it back like you had it or try something else.” It happens when you are in creative mode; not everything is going to go or look right which means back to the drawing board. Back and forth is the process. My design team was attentive, and catering, although they had bloopers too, while in the end it all worked out. Catering, exactly what their name says. They catered.

Overall, I am proud of the outcome. I hope all our visitors appreciate our representation, form and format, acquired what they came for, gathered some gems along the way and in closing thank you for stopping by to visit.


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