Life, Accident and Health Insurance is pivotal. Customize and tailor a policy to your specific needs. Most people view insurance for death purposes only.  Insurance is ACTUALLY a cornerstone for Wealth Building & Wealth Management- a Trigger for Assets, personal PIGGY BANK, a FAIL SAFE, a PRIVATE BANK,  a LIVING BENEFIT and much, much more. Select Policies are much more than a death benefit.

Ros DiMere will always put you and your family in a plan that yields the greatest benefits tailored for current and long-term financial goals that will enable a pathway to wealth building WHILE LIVING. The key is to know those

policies, riders, addendums, fine little black print no one reads, recourse for lapse, the whole gambit to help our clients make great choices by knowing the selections, and options to garner the most coverage, and opportunities for your dollar.

Perspective- you’re going to pay the premium anyway, so would you have rather known for the same premium you could have received A through Z, rather than just A to B?

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