All investing and investments involve risk. No investment is 100% safe. Historical performance is not indicative for future returns.

All investing and investments involve risk. No investment is 100% safe. Historical performance is not indicative for future returns.

Ros DiMere, its affiliates, and wealth manager(s) do not provide legal, tax, or accounting advice. You should consult your legal and/or tax advisors before making any financial decisions.

Our content has not considered a client’s investment objectives, financial situations, projects or needs and is not intended as a recommendation, offer, or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any security, investment or advisement strategy. Ros DiMere offers a broad range of asset management, capital raise advisory (including financial and insurance planning) among other services.Each service is different, including the type of advice and assistance provided, the fees charged, and the rights and obligations of the parties, please understand the unique difference between the renderings as they are important, particularly when determining which service or services to select. For more information about our services and their differences, speak with Ros DiMere directly.

Ros DiMere Incorporated (also referred to as “RDM” or “Rose DiMere” or “DiMere”) makes available certain products sponsored, managed, distributed or provided by companies that are affiliates and/or associated with several banking entities, private account holders top tier fortune 500, regulating and governing agencies. RDM is NOT a registered broker-dealer, or registered investment adviser. RDM operates independently for select clients in the global markets transcending boundaries and limitations of the U.S.

Insurance products and services are offered through Alpha Capital Insurance, a licensed insurance agency.
Marcia Meredith, is license to practice and sell LAH in the State of Texas.  
RDM is an alias name of Marcia Meredith recognized by the State of Texas for insurance products.
RDM Corporation of TEXAS is wholly owned 100% by Marcia Meredith.
Banking products are provided by affiliated banks, Members FDIC.


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In wake of the September 11 attacks, President George Bush Jr. signed into law the USA Patriot Act on October 26, 2001.  The USA Patriot Act relating to financial entities are mandated to have AML measures in place in order to deter and terminate international money laundering efforts to prevent global terrorism, and war against America. Doing such we are to ascertain required information from clients known as a KYC (Know Your Client) to meet compliance and random audits.


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